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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or treat

Halloween is always a hectic day, having to get the kids all dressed up in time for their school programs and attending them when they're all practically overlapping. Then going to work and getting off just in time to get them re ready and had out to see the grandparents before getting into the nitty gritty of the door to door fun. Not to mention having to get pictures in before they wipe off their face paint or rip their feathers off their dress.. This year was so nice, everyone in the neighborhood was sitting on their front porches. We had neighbors making homemade donuts and others were making hot chocolate for all the trick or treaters. The kids had so much fun, this year they were a wizard, a werewolf and the evil queen Ravenna. Easton was a little straggler, he would hang out at the door even after all the kids had gotten their treat and they would usually end up giving him another one :) then he would say "thanks, I love you,happy Halloween" and run to the next house. I love making these crazy holiday memories with my favorite people!

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