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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


5 Things I was doing 10 years ago...
1.) Going to Jr. High
2.) Cheering on the Cheer team ha
3.) Crushing on Austin Defa
4.) Having fun with my brother
5.) Being awkward

5 Things on my "To-Do" list today...
1.) Finish Christmas shopping
2.) Clean the house
3.) Make dinner
4.) Play with Brooks
5.) Relax

5 Snack I enjoy...
1.) Hot Cheetos!
2.) Cottage cheese
3.) Dr.Pepper
4.) Edemame
5.) Potato chips of any kind!

5 Things I'd do if I were a millionaire
1.) Buy a new house & car
2.) Buy my Momma a new house (she just got a new car)
3.) Take a lot of vacations to fun places
4.) save
5.) Help people who need it

5 places I've lived...
1.) A duplex
2.) My grandma's
3.) My Mom's
4.) K-town
5.) My own cute little house

5 Jobs I've had...
1.) Call center
2.) Teller/Loan officer
3.) Assistant Manager
4.) Photographer
5.) Mom

5 People I tag...
1.) Victoria
2.) Sarah
3.) Kristen
4.) Kristin
5.) Tonya


Kristin said...

What you tagged me? Who wasn't crushing on Austin Defa;) Hottie!

Matthew and Sarah said...
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Matthew and Sarah said...

I accidentally erased my comment. I was saying...I thought I was the only other person on this planet who liked hot Cheetos. Well besides Victoria. I have been craving those lately. I better not be pregnant.