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Saturday, September 5, 2009

School Days Already!

I know I know it's been FOREVER since I've updated my blog :( Brooks started Pre-School! It's crazy how fast time flies I can't believe it! He is so good and loves to do his homework! The other night he was crying because he was done with his homework and wanted to do more haha! I told him you just remember this when you're older! :) He loves his teacher and she is so great with all the kids! He is always so happy to go, which is great because I was afraid he wouldn't be OK with me leaving him in a house full of strangers. He always says that he has no friends and he doesn't talk to anyone or know any of their names so I was nervous that he might be a little anti-social (which is odd because when we go to the park he's very friendly) but I learned that's not true today as he said goodbye to several friends using their names ;) It's tough to get anything out of him! I always ask him what he did in school today and he always just says "Nothing" But after going through his backpack and seeing what he's brought home then he opens up about it! It's weird to me that he's old enough to learn how to write! He has already leared how the write Upper and Lower case A's & B's and had two days of show and tell. He chooses the most random things to take for show & tell I just hope that the other kids aren't bringing in some real extravagent things or I'll feel bad. I took a few pics of him in his newe school clothes and thought I'd share how grown up he looks in them! :) Enjoy

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Kristen said...

he's got to be the best dressed kid in pre-school! so handsome. I love the pictures and as always i love all the funny things he comes up with to say!