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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Every year at the Beckstead Family party for as long as I can remember we've had a nativity with all the kids while grandma or grandpa tell the story of Christmas. I don't have to get dressed up anymore but now it's Brooks' turn :) This year he was a donkey!

On Christmas Eve we got Santa's cookies and milk ready for him and tucked Brooks into his nice warm bed :)

Santa brought lots of presents for Brooks!
And in the morning he couldn't wait to see what he got!

He got a lot of fun things! But he did notice that Santa didn't bring him a helicopter that flies in the house like he had wanted :(

Then we went to Grandma Trice's and Papa Terry's to open more gifts and play the Wii. Brooks loved it! He had a blast playin on the wii fit, there's a penguin game where you catch fish and try to balance on the iceberg but his favorite part was falling in the water!

Then we headed over to Grandma Shell's & Papa Tracy's where he made out like a bandit with lots of fun stuff!!

In pre-school Brooks made us this ornament for our tree, it was my favorite present! :)

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Crystal said...

How cute! I love your family picture