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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sincerely, Brooks

I thought I would post more of Brooks quotes:

"Oh, I like people to be old! Cuz they're really cute!"

"I'm not having this conversation anymore!"

"She's hot with her boobs up there"
(Victoria's Secret)

"Mommy, we should take this movie back to the store because it's old"
(while watching Snow White)

"You little stinker! You got it on my pants!"
(to his.....while going pee) haha

"If she's not gonna love me, I'm not gonna love her!"

"Did you know bees make connector? yeah that's honey"

"Mommy I'm brave when I go downstairs in the dark! If I see a monster I'll kick him in the fancies"

"I like it when you give me food!"
(I promise I feed him)

"I can't eat while the TV's not on!"

"But I didn't want to wash it! Now my hairs all soft :("

"Tell Santa I'm a great big boy and I only take out one toy at a time"

"I gave you those cuz I was sick of them"

"What are these? I want them to come out but there's no way to get them out"
(after discovering his family jewels)


Tyler & Ashley said...

Love them all!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Joe and Victoria said...

:) he is so funny!

IoaneandShawni said...

Brooks is such a funny little boy! He makes me laugh!