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Friday, January 8, 2010

No more candy at our house

Brooks had a dentist appointment and he had been complaining about his cheek hurting so we thought it might be due to a cavity or something. Apparently he had 4 cavities!! We brush his teeth but I guess it's because he eats so much candy! Especially fruit snacks, the dentist said those are the worst thing for kids teeth because they get stuck in there for a long time. The dentist and I agreed we didn't want to numb him and try to work on them with him awake because of the fact that you don't know how much of the Novocain his little body will absorb and that he'll probably fight him the whole time and it would be traumatic. And with the way I react to Novocaine I just didn't want to risk it. So we had to put him under anesthesia. It was really nerve racking thinking about it and I was so worried. As many of you know when I was younger I had to go under anesthesia for an appendectomy and in the recovery room my heart flat lined. And the fact that we don't know for certain what caused it, is scary. I've had Dr.'s tell me that it was probably because the anesthesiologist overdosed me. So I was just a little on edge. They explained everything to me and I expressed my concerns to the anesthesiologist and he reassured me he would be very cautious and would be with him the whole time. they were very good about it He sat on my lap and picked through the treasure box while they gave him a quick shot. He cried for a brief minute and then I could tell it was starting to kick in...he got really quiet and looked a little confused. He looked at me and got heavy, his eyes were glazed and it was really freaky! They then took him back and about 45 minutes he was done. We went back and waited for him to wake up. He woke up fine and had a Popsicle. He knew it was his favorite color green :) I felt a little like David after the dentist ..he was very slow and his eyes were bothering him he hit himself in the eye a couple times and said he wanted them to stop. He's doing alright now he's still a little silly and can't quite walk without stumbling.
Also I heard back from the doctor about baby's ultrasound, they said it's a moderate case of hydronephrosis, meaning there is a blockage in her left kidney. But my amniotic fluid was normal so it should be fine throughout the pregnancy. He scheduled me for another ultrasound at 30 weeks to take another look at it just to make sure everything is still alright. Then after she is born they will do an ultrasound on her to find out the cause and what we need to do to fix it..if anything. I feel a little better now, knowing what it is and that she will most likely be just fine!


Tyler & Ashley said...

What a week you have had... If you need anything please let me know!!! I am glad everything is okay but I still worry!!!

Joe and Victoria said...

oh Shai... you did great with Brooks going under! I know how nervous you probably were. I'm glad every thing is good with baby girl... can't wait to meet her!