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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taking it all in

I've been thinking, with this new baby coming. How quickly time really passes! It's so crazy to think Brooks is really as big as he is! 3 years have FLOWN by! I remember worrying that he wasn't talking and thinking about speech therapy. Which looking back was crazy since he speaks so clearly and is so bright and amazes me with almost everything he thinks about and says! I have somewhat been going through the motions the past couple years and not really enjoying the things that make me happy. Like genuinely taking the time to take it all in and just enjoy things! I've been a little numb and sad and I don't want to feel like that anymore and I especially don't want to look back and miss enjoying my babies while they were babies! And I also want to make sure I remember the little things that made me laugh, so here are more quotes and things from Brooks. I hope you enjoy them too!

Right after Christmas Brooks told me "Mom, it's OK if we make a mess. Cuz Santa won't come again til next year!"

"Try one of these, it'll make you happy" (I had been crying and Brooks offered me a gummy bear :) it helped...a lot)

My grandma told him he had some pretty cool shoes and he replied "They're not shoes, they're boots!"

We had been to the dentist and when we got home he kept looking at the ceiling... "Mom, we should put some pictures up there so our house would be cooler!"

"I'm not having this conversation anymore!" (Brandon was trying to tell him not to do something)

In pre-school he was learning the months of the year and according to him it's "Cemetery, February, March....."

Brandon watched Van Helsing and a few days later Brooks was telling me "Mom, you know that movie with the flying bat ladies? Yeah Jesus made that movie." ..........Haha um ?

" Mom I'm gonna move our hose next to Autumn's. Yeah cuz I'm sick of that spot"

I was in the tub and Brandon's friend came over, he told Brandon "Don't let your friend see Mommy in the bathtub naked, cuz then he'll want to take her home to his house"

"This song is making my brain come out, can you change it"

Brooks had a chocolate snack that his grandma gave him, but I didn't want him to eat it in the car because it melts and gets all over him and the car and he looked so sad and said "but MOM I can't wait to taste it!"

I picked Brooks up from school and he told me "Miss Denise gave me a gummy bear but I'm a lot a hungry!"

"We're gonna be like Penguins, cuz they live in the freezing cold"

"Mom I'm really getting a fat belly like yours"

I told Brooks to please hurry because we were running late "That's not my problem, it's yours"

We were driving and he was making these funny noises with his nose, I looked back and asked him what he was doing "Gonna eat a booger"

Brandon has a tendency to tease Brooks and he was giving him a hard time about something. I told Brooks to just not listen to him that Daddy was just being silly and Brooks says "I wished I didn't have ears! But I do so I have to listen to him"

He was playing with my belt and says "I'm a cowboy and I can rope stuff up"

We were eating hot dogs and Brandon asked Brooks how his puppy was tasting "We don't eat animals! They have blood in them!" what do you think you're eating then he asked? "It's just regular food"

"This is yummy soup! And even it's good for your body"

"I woke up in my pajama's, isn't that funny"

"Lucky I didn't crack open!" He tripped on the stairs

"My nose is hot" why? I asked him "Cuz I've been picking it"

I was making dinner and he had been watchin toons, he came in and says "Mom that show's way stupid!" I guess his show got over and King of the Hill came on haha

"Mom, are we in space? is this whole world in space?"

I ordered some spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy's and got him a kids meal with regular chicken nuggets. After he ate one he says "Mom, these are so spicy!! I can't even believe it!" (He wasn't eating the spicy ones)

I picked him up from his grandma's when I got off work and he asked me what we were gonna do now, I said whatever you wanna do. He smiled and said "Make a cake?" Absolutely I said "let's put sprinkles on it" :)

"I'm getting so tired! I'm gonna finish this drink and then I'm going to bed"

"Mom I like girls, I hate mans! I like girls"

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