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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Looks like Paisley wasn't just my favorite (according to the poll) :) Well I'm 25 weeks along now! And she is getting bigger and squirming around a lot! It's fun to watch my tummy move all over the place! I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable with back aches and she's getting into my ribs, trying to get comfy in bed is a little hard, but it's not too bad! I just worry because I'm only going to get bigger haha. I'm so glad that the sun has been peeking out lately, I can not wait for spring!! I'm so over the winter. Brooks told me the other day " MOM! It's getting warmer. Soon we can take baby to Cowabunga" He's so excited for her to get here and for the summer :)
Brooks is getting so big! He's grown out of all his clothes and buying new clothes for him means going into the children's stores where I can't help but look at all the baby girl stuff! It's all so cute, the little sun dresses and onesies and shoes and bows and headbands! There is always WAY more stuff for the girlie's than the boys! But we got Brooks the cutest little outfit for Easter! He looks like such a stud! I'll be sure to make him model for me and post the pics.


stephanie said...

I love your belly! I can't believe you are 25 weeks already! I also love the name Paisley...that is adorable!

Another Diva Day said...

MIss you so much. I will be psyched when I get that phone call and start to drive there. :) xoxoxo will you be at Cottonwood?