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Monday, February 22, 2010

Chickens come from eggs?

I'm not sure what happened to my last post on Brooks' quotes :(
But here are some more and I'll put up the ones that I can remember were on the last one too.

We were at grandma's for Sunday dinner and she had prepared some rotisserie chickens, he looked at them and didn't want to eat them because they looked like chickens(He takes after his mother) He told grandma that he wanted eggs instead. She told him didn't you know this is just an egg all grown up to a chicken? He laughed and said "That would be funny if eggs grew into chickens" We were all laughing she asked him where do you think chickens come from "The farm!" He made sure to tell her he just wanted regular eggs, not the kind that grow chickens :)
I would explain it to him but I don't know if he'll eat anything if he knows he's eating animals

I asked Brooks: Do you know how much I love you? He smiled and nodded yes. Don't ever forget it I told him ."Ok but if I get a bump on my head then that means I lost my memory"

"To make hot chocolate you have to speed up the water"

"Don't spill it or Mom will be furious"

Brooks was playing with a gun I had gotten him and he said "you got this for me" I sure did "Yeah you give me everything I want. But not Santa. He didn't give me what I wanted for Christmas" He didn't? "No he got me different stuff"

"Maybe next time we can have candy for dinner"

Brooks' grandpa got him a toy that happened to be orange, He looked at his grandpa and said "I don't like orange, next time you get me something it needs to be green" Little Brat ha

I think he might watch too much TV ha He asked me if we could get a touch and brush for our bathroom to dispense our toothpaste. He made a point to say "Roll and press, now you're bathroom's all a mess, but with touch and brush you just put your toothbrush in and it's nice and clean"

The commercial came on for 'my baby can read' Brooks said " Mom those kids can say the words on those cards, yeah cuz they have big brains. it goes in their ears and then goes up and stops right here" (pointing at his brain)

"I think I broke my arm from all that wind" ?? ha

If you remember back when Brooks colored all over the walls and dishwasher etc.. with permanent marker he noticed a little art he had put on the fridge. As I was cleaning he sprayed the Windex on it and started to scrub it.. he yelled "Look Mom, it's working! It's stain refighter"

"Mom, I sure like it when you're home!" :) Made my heart very happy, I like it when I'm home with him too!!

I poured brooks a drink and he said "oh yummy orange juice" I asked him what color it was and he said "yellow" :)

We pulled up to the park and Brooks got really excited. As we were getting out of the car he said "Everybody here is gonna want to play with me, yeah everyone in this town is gonna be my friend" :) Sadly it was still a little nippy out and no one else was at the park

"I like girls, I hate mans"

"Mom, I'm getting so tired! I'm gonna finish this drink and then I'm going to bed"

I picked Brooks up from the sitters and he asked.. "What are we gonna do now?" Whatever you wanna do ..He smiled and said " Oooh make a cake? lets put sprinkles on it"

"I'm happy cuz you're layin down watching the show with me" :) Proof it's the little things that count

"Mom, can I play with your phone?" No hunny I just wrote a message and I'm waiting for them to write me back "A message? like with a pencil?" I had to explain how I could write a message and send it to someone elses phone and they would read it and write me back and send it to my phone...he thought it was pretty neat

Are you ready for school bud? "I'm bored of school" lol get used to it kid :)

Brooks' Grandma told him he had nice shoes "They're not shoes, they're boots!"

I got some spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy's and got Brooks a kids meal with nuggets. He took a bite (of his regular/not spicy nuggets) and said "Mom these are SO spicy! I can't even believe it"

another time we got some chik-fil-a nuggets and Brooks asked me "Did you get these from Wendy's ? Oh cuz they're spicy"

It was a cloudy day and we were on our way to the sitters when owl city's song Hot air balloon came on Brooks said "This song scares the clouds away! cuz it's happy" I thought it was pretty cute

"Mom are we in space? Is this whole world in space?" How do you explain space to a child anyhow ha I probably only confused him :)

I was making dinner and Brooks was watching toons, apparently king of the hill had come on he came in to me and said "That show's way stupid" haha

"My nose is hot Mom" Why hun? "Cuz I've been pickin it"

"Lucky I didn't crack open!" He tripped on the stairs

Brooks woke up one morning and giggled "I woke up in my pajama's isn't that funny"
I'm not sure what he was expecting to wake up in...

"This is yummy soup! and even it's good for your body"

I was in the tub when one of Brandon's friends came over. Brooks said "Don't let your friend see Mommy naked in the tub, cuz then he will want to take her home with him"

Brooks was eating a hot dog and Brandon asked him how his puppy was tasting Brooks said "We don't eat animals! They have blood in them" So he asked him what he thought he was eating and Brooks replied "We just eat regular food"

"Mom it's ok if we make a mess cuz Santa won't come again until next year"

"I'm a cowboy, I can rope stuff up!" He was using my belt as a lasso

Brandon likes to give Brooks a hard time and tease him. Brooks was getting really mad so I told him to just ignore him that he was just being silly and Brooks told me "I wished I didn't have ears! But I do so I have to listen to him"

Brooks was making funny noises with his nose in the back seat of the car, since I was driving I couldn't look back so I asked him what he was doing "Gonna eat a booger" he said

I asked Brooks to hurry because I was going to be late and he told me "That's your problem, not mine"

"Mom, I'm really getting a fat belly like yours!"

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