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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

For Mothers Day, I took my Mom out to a yummy breakfast and then we decided to go to the mall. So we piled in the car and while driving there we hear Brooks from the back seat singing "5, 5 dollar, 5 dollar foot long" :) It was cute. Apparently that song gets stuck in even 2 yr old's heads. We hadn't planned on going to the mall so we didn't have a stroller, which is not the best idea with a small child! They don't know the meaning of- stay right by me! He was running all over the place and my Mom was worn out just watching him. So I tried to carry him as much as I could but he gets pretty heavy after a while and I was in heels! As we were leaving one of the stores Brooks was pretty far ahead of us so I told him to slow down and wait. He turned around to look at me and said "Whoa that's a big lady...She's got big boobs!!" I was mortified! I didn't dare look back! As we were getting ready to leave I asked if he needed to go potty knowing as soon as we got in the car he would need to. As usual there was a line in the bathroom, so we waited our turn. As soon as we got into the stall Brooks said "It's pretty stinky in here!" loud enough that it echoed. I couldn't really smell it until I got down to help him and it was pretty stinky! HAHA It was sick I felt bad that he had to be that close to the stench while he peed! It's funny how kids just don't have a filter and they say whatever they are thinking.. and say it loudly :) After the mall we went to visit our grandmas and I had the sun roof open since it was such a nice day we stopped at a light and I could smell BBQ it smelled delicious! Brooks smelled it too he said "It smells like Bacon right here Mommy" :) After we got to grandmas, she told Brooks, "those are some nice shoes you got there.. are they new?" He answered with his hand on his hip "They're not shoes..they're flip flops!" Like Duh grandma..What an attitude ! It was great to get to spend quality time with My Momma, grandma's and My baby!! I loved it!

I just want to say how much I appreciate my Mother and everything that she has done for me! She is such an amazing woman and has always been there for me! She has made many sacrifices for her children and you never really know how much your mother loves you until you become a mom yourself! She has always been on my side, even when I have been wrong and I know that I can count on her to always be there! Becoming a mother is the absolute best blessing I have ever received! I never knew I could feel so much love and worry and frustration! He has taught me a lot about patience and kindness! To see the world through his eyes is so amazing, how much wonder his little heart holds! So here's to all the great Mom's I know!! You are all amazing and beautiful, and you are doing a great job! I know we all worry about effing up our kids :) But there is no week by week how to raise your child and even if there was I don't think we would follow it! Life is messy but as long as they know they have someone that loves them unconditionally and wants what's best for them they somehow turn out alright. Love you!!

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Joe and Victoria said...

cute post! I loved reading it and I laughed out loud reading the part about that lady having 'big boobs!'... ha!! Brooks so DOES NOT have a filter, but its too cute to not laugh at!! Love you!