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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Captain Brooks' Birthday Bash

Brooks wanted a pirate party for his 3rd birthday this year! So we all got together and dressed up! It was a lot of fun to see my family and friends dressed like pirates. Even Brooks Great Grandparents dressed up! Grandpa had tattoo sleaves and a jack sparrow hairdo, it was pretty awesome! Brooks loved having many of his friends there to play with him, including Jaycee, Gizelle, Korbin, Elliott, Alastair and Rowan! They all looked so cute. We had cupcakes, everyone put on a tattoo or two, opened gifts and picked a treasure from the treasure chest.

Git your hands off me treasure!

When Brooks woke up in the morning I asked him. Brooks, do you no what today is? What? He replied. It's your Birthday!! Right now?! He asked Yep! YAY!!! So I'm 3 right now? You sure are :) The rest of the day he went around telling people. I'm 3 now cuz I had a birthday!
For the day we went to the new Cowabunga Bay water park, Brooks loved every minute of it! Other than it was freezing waiting in line for the slides because there is NO escaping being sprayed or dumped on the entire time! He loved the slides and the lazy river. But his favorite of course was just the plain ol pool. He was diving in the water and sayin "Look Mommy I can go under like those kids" He'd pop his little head up wipe his eyes and look so proud every time he did it, it was the cutest damn thing :)

For his Birthday Grandma Trice and Papa Terry got Brooks a trampoline! That's all he would ask for forever! Then when we showed it to him he wasn't so sure about it, but after a few bounces and seeing some older kids playin on the tramp he thought it was pretty neat. And has loved it. Now all we need to do is have a camp out on it /;0

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Joe and Victoria said...

He is so adorable Shai. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures from his party! The very first picture in the post is my favorite. I'm glad Brooks had a fun birthday at the water park and playing pirates with his buddies :)