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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick day

It's beautiful outside but, my sunshine is feeling under the weather today, and it made for a VERY cloudy day at our house! He was up all night with fever of 102, chills, body aches and he threw up a couple times. It's so sad when they are sick! He cries and says he hurts and I can't really do anything other than hold him and kiss him. :( He's been sleeping a lot, but every time he wakes up his fever comes back. He frightened me a bit today after he woke up from a nap, I'm not sure if he wasn't really awake or what; but he just kept looking at me with this confused look and his body was all stiff and he just kept squeezing my hand. I asked him what was wrong and he acted like he couldn't talk and started crying for a few minutes. I sat him up and he stopped then laid back down and fell asleep again. The look in his eyes was just freaky it was like he wasn't there. You know your child isn't feeling well when he doesn't want a Popsicle and he asks you to turn the cartoons off so that he can fall asleep in quiet. I hope it's just another 24 hour bug and won't last long! It breaks my heart to see him like this

I love you baby! Please feel better soon!

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