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Monday, July 12, 2010

Goodbye Grandpa Vet

Brandon's Granada; Daniel Kravet turned 90 this year. My mother in law had planned him the most extravagant birthday party. It was to be a Hollywood themed black tie event. Sadly the morning of his big party he passed on. He was found in his tuxedo ready for his big day, I guess he had a different party to attend that day. This was a little difficult for everyone, we all wished we had just gotten to spend that one more day celebrating his birthday. Fortunately he had family in town for the party and they had gotten to visit with him the day before! Brooks was named after his grandpa Vet (his middle name is Daniel) and he had a lot of fun with him! Brooks knows about heaven seeing as his grandpa and aunt are there, but this was the 1st time that he could really understand that going to heaven meant they were once here but now they're gone and we won't see them again until we too go to heaven. It's hard for a little one to grasp, he thought we could go visit him. I asked him how he thought we could do that and he said we could take the stairs in the sky :( At the funeral Brandon gave a beautiful talk about his grandpa. He was an Air Force Veteran so he had a 21 gun salute, it was very touching. Goodbye Grandpa Vet We will miss you!

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Another Diva Day said...

That is quite a story. Regal really. It's an endless list of things our children learn from us. You're doing a fantastic job Shai. Love you.