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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More projects...

I made my other aunt a car seat canopy also, but this one was for a girl :) I like how it turned out it's really pretty material! and I finally finished Paisley's car seat cover. I was holding out for a certain material in pink but I found it in green and decided to just go with that. all our baby stuff is green anyhow ha. But I decided since I had made the cover for her car seat I didn't want to hide it with another canopy that laid over it, so I sewed buttons onto the front and just added a flap to it to cover her. I like it a lot, it's nice to have keeps the wind germs and sun off of her when I want it on and I can take it off if I need to. I know I am not good enough to sell these yet but when I get good enough I kind of want to look into etsy and custom make them for people. I think it would be fun, I enjoy sewing and the satisfaction of having a finished product that you're proud of!

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