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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh the things he says

Brooks takes after his mom and seems to think he is hilarious! Which a lot of the time he's right :) I have decided to keep track of some of the funniest things that he says and post them when I can, I bet it will be even funnier when he is bigger and we can look back on all the silly things he said. I don't know where he comes up with half this stuff! He is really into re-telling stories and of coarse there is a lot of emphasis on everything and it's all very exciting. I wish that I saw the world the way he does, I hope that it doesn't wear off for him! He also has a lot of imaginary friends, that he plays with and talks to almost to the point where it's frightening. He definitely has a great imagination! Last night I got my first
"You're a mean Mommy!"
He runs from me EVERY time I try to get him dressed and finally I was sick of it so when I caught him I put him in time out and told him that I had asked him many times before not to run from me, that I would be glad to play with him, other than when it's time to get dressed. Apparently that was mean!

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Joe and Victoria said...

he is getting so BIG and I happen to think he IS hilarious! :) What are his imaginary friends names? :)