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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Funny Kid

I keep a list of funny or cute things Brooks says now, so I can post them. I'll keep them short and sweet :) Here goes....

The mean parent

Brooks wanted to go outside and I told him that he needed to eat his lunch 1st. he looked at me with those big blue eyes and said "Only Daddy's are supposed to be mean!" I giggled and thought poor Brandon! I'm too soft on this kid, but I suppose he is right. Usually Daddy's are the mean one's, Mom's usually take the easy road and lets Dad deal with the punishing. I'd like to think that we take equal part but I know for a fact that I am a little softer on him!

The insult

Brandon was doing his hair when Brooks told him "Daddy you're hair gel stinks!" Brandon must have looked at him funny because then Brooks said "was that rude?"

The Lyrics

We were listening to one of my favorite songs (I need you, By Tim McGraw and Faith Hill) One of the lines is: I need you like Uncle Joe needs the rain. Brooks asked me "Who's uncle Joe? and what does he need the rain for?" It got me thinking..what does he think the lyrics mean in half the songs we listen to :) I explained that Uncle Joe was probably a Farmer and he needs the rain for his gardens to grow, He said "OH....Do I need the rain to grow?"

The drive-thru

We pulled up to the drive thru at Wendy's and the Lady asks for our order. I was about to tell her what we wanted when Brooks yells from the back seat " Can I just get a dog" Like it was a drive thru animal shelter ha!

My many faces

I tend to make some crazy faces now and then especially when I sing in the car, We were jammin' out to a great song and I looked back at Brooks and he looked at me funny and said "Why you makin that face?" It made me laugh

A questionable good time

We were on our way to lunch with my Mom when Brooks asked me "Do you think this is gonna be fun?" Not sure how much fun it really was for him but it was funny that he asked me that

Loves for a stranger

Brooks is extremely tender hearted! We were at the grocery store and a little girl was crying. He asks "Why is she crying Mommy?...I don't know sweetheart? "Does she need a hug?" what a sweet little boy :)

Embarrassing Poo Face

I picked Brooks up from his grandma's and he was just getting a treat for going potty. Grandma said Tell Mommy what you did for your treat! "I went Poo like this" --he shows me his poo face. I said Oh really! Good job! Brooks then says yeah... Like you did last night you went like this--again with the poo face (Just for the record I don't make a poo face ha) How embarrassing! :)

Strange Dream

Last night Brooks had a dream about an earthquake, which I thought was rather strange. Seeing as how he wouldn't know what an earthquake was. The 1st thing he said when he woke up was
" The ground bumped at Grandma Shell's!" he continued on about how the ground cracked and broke and then it opened up and talked to him. As all dreams it was strange :) I wanted to know what it said to him but he couldn't remember.


Joe and Victoria said...

these are all so funny!... POO FACE!! :)

Matthew and Sarah said...

They are funny. My nephew came in the bathroom while i was going and he asked me if that was my football face.

Kristen said...

i'm seriously crying right now!!! He is the funniest kid ever! keep the stories coming. that wendy's story is pretty dang funny! that one really got me! :D