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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

180 days to go!

Well I'm at week 14! Only 1 more week until I get to find out what baby is! :) Baby is now the size of a lemon and is making all kinds of faces, baby can squint and grimace, suck it's thumb and wiggle it's tiny little toes! Brooks loves to listen to my belly and he always says baby is telling him things :) It's so precious! He is going to be such a good brother! I am a little nervous about him being jealous when baby gets here. My friend just had her baby and she has a 2 year old. He refused to talk to her for a few days haha. I hope I can find enough time and energy to give him the attention he needs when baby gets here! And that he'll know that he's always my baby :) but I'll just have 2 babies now :) I think he'll mostly be a great helper and enjoy having someone to play with and fight over toys!

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The Larsons said...

Just found out. Congrats!