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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This year Brooks changed his mind about what he wanted to be about a billion times :) As I'm sure many 3yr olds do! When I 1st asked him what he wanted to be he said a ghost...OK, but kinda boring. Don't you want to be something cool like a dinosaur or a monster or a vampire? I asked him "Yeah, or a ladybug" Brooks replies. Yeah or not haha
Then he decided that he did want to be a dinosaur, a green dinosaur! Then... after going to the circus and seeing the baby elephant at the zoo he decided he wanted to be an "ephalant!" So that's what he was, but he had to make sure that he had his face painted to look like an elephant too so we did that for him! He had a Halloween party at pre school and they all dressed up and brought treats to share! I asked him what all his friends were for Halloween but all he cared about was that his friend Madden was Superman! On Halloween we went trick or treating to all his grandparents and a couple of strangers houses where he was surprisingly outgoing and actually said "Trick or Treat" and Thank you! But he refused to wear his hood with the elephant ears on it so no one could really tell what he was :) And he had fallen asleep in the car on the way over to his grandma's so the paint on his face was half smeared and half wiped off but, he made out with a lot of candy and had lots of fun!

I had a little fun in Picnik making us look spooky for Halloween! Thought I'd share them. They are a little CREEPY but Brooks thinks they're cool!

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