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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I want a different family

Poor Brooks has had pnuemonia so he has missed school the past few times. He said "I miss Miss Denise (his teacher) Madden (his best pre-school buddy) Gracie and the one girl with the yellow backpack." LOL I asked him if he knew her name and he said "Oh it's Katie" Silly kid. I stayed home from work with him one of the days and since I was home I figured I'd get to putting my Christmas stuff into the storage we have under our stairs. There's a little miniature door and of coarse Brooks thinks it's pretty neat and wanted to play in there. So he kept getting in my way (Let me remind you I am 7 month pregnant) and I had to keep asking him to move please and please get out of the way and frustratedly Hunny please get out. He says "Fine....I want a different family!" And then he started singing "No one in my family is nice to me" All I could do was laugh. Then someone came to the door and Brooks went running to open it I yelled at him to not answer the door. I hadn't gotten ready for the day and didn't even have a bra on. He was so mad that I didn't answer the door. I told him that I didn't have to answer the door for anyone! I don't normally get the door when I'm home alone anyhow I watch too many of those CSI shows ;).... later that night someone came to the door and Brooks yelled "Dad, you have to get the door because Mommy won't" I was laughing and told Brandon about him singing a song that we're not nice to him and Brooks then started singing "My Daddy hits me all the time" ha I was like great now we're gonna have child protective services knocking at our door. It reminded me of a story my Aunt told me about her son. He was the star in his primary class and he had to get up and tell something about himself. He got up and said "My mom holds my head under the water in the bathtub" LOL because she makes him wash his hair hah funny kids!!


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That is freakin funny! Tell him Grandma Amy thinks he is way funny. xoxo