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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My little man

As many of you know, Brooks LOVES the water! He loves it so much that he begs me to do the dishes. The kid stood there for almost an hour washing the dishes :) Another day he cried because he had to wait until tomorrow to do the dishes and then first thing when he woke up he asked me about doing them. It was funny too because as soon as he turned on the water he says " Oh I shouldn't do the dishes without going potty first" and ran to the bathroom :) I have to monitor him when he washes his hands after going potty because he'll sit and play with the soap and water. He can not wait for summer to get here. He went outside the other day and said Mom look it's sunny we can get the sprinklers out! It's been a while since I've posted some quotes so I think I'll do that now ...

Maybe next time we can have candy for dinner!
Mom don't worry about me eatin, I already had some bacon.
(He'll come up with any excuse to not have to sit down and eat!)

He was playing with a gun I had given to him and he said "You gave this to me, yeah you give me everything I want. But not Santa, he didn't give me what I wanted for Christmas." He didn't? "No he gave me different stuff"

"Don't spill it or Mom will be furious"

"To make hot chocolate, you have to speed up the water"

I asked Brooks if he knew how much I love him and he said "yep" I said good and don't you ever forget it, then he told me "Ok, but if I get a bump on my head that means I lost my memory"

We were watching TV in the living room and Brooks went to the potty, Brandon heard him fart and was giving him a bad time and said "Woah what was that?" "It was just a toot Dad, yeah toots can happen sometimes!"

"Witches put you in castles"

Lately he's always saying "We have a very serious problem" and "Oh, you were right, my mistake"

and he'll say "I can't stop laughing" whenever you try talking to him about something he doesn't want to talk about...like getting ready for bed or eating dinner

All of his grandparents and his aunt and uncle went to Vegas for Nascar. Well he heard someone on the radio say Vegas and he goes "Mom, he said Vegas! Yeah, that's where Nascar lives"

We were at dinner with my parents and this lady at the table next to us was cracking up and Brooks giggled and said "She laughed like a witch" I couldn't hold in my laugh and my Mom was dying , I'm pretty sure the lady heard him so I felt kinda bad but it was too funny

"Whoa Mom your belly is getting REALLY big!"
How many are you Mom?" 25... "Whoa...that's a lot!"

Brandon had a day off and was going to take him to Chuck e cheese and he says "Dad, didn't you know what you can do with a Chuck e Cheese report card"

And I love how every time we get out of the car he has to look at it and say "We really need to go to the car wash"

One of his toys was broken and he tells me "We need an electrician who can fix this! Mom, who's an electrician...he's big and he says he's the boss?"

"When baby gets as big as you, she can wear perfume"

GG asked him if he wanted to see the quail in her backyard and he said "Yeah, but Grandma I don't have my gun"

"Poo starts with P, that's funny huh"

Before bed I always tell him I'll see you in my dreams and one morning he woke up and said "Sorry Mom I didn't dream about anything last night"

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Joe and Victoria said...

Brooks is such a character! He is so smart and such a crack up!!