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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011


It’s been forever since I’ve posted some of these! I just save them in my draft text messages so sorry if I don’t remember the story behind them since some of them are really old.

“All the girls are gonna come get me. Yeah cuz I’m hot!” ..”But Daddy’s hotter, yeah that’s cuz it’s a tie”

Brooks was painting and I told him that it was time to put it away and get ready for bed. “But I’m painting and my masterpiece is almost over!”

We were on our way out the door and Brooks was wearing a new shirt that his grandma had gotten him that had a dinosaur on it. He said to me “Do you think I look awesome?” Heck yeah! “I think so too”

I was on the computer (prob editing pictures) and Brooks was playing with Paisley and making her laugh and he looked up at me and said “Mom! You’re missing all the cuteness”

When Brooks went to Yellowstone with his grandparents his grandma asked him if he missed us, he said he did and he missed Paisley. Grandma asked him what do you think she’s doing right now? He replied “Probably at home suckin on Mom’s boob”

As usual we were running late and I asked him to hurry up please, as I was buckling up her seatbelt he asked me “Mommy, why are we always in a hurry?”

I picked Brooks up from school and he must have had a really good day because he said “let’s talk about what I did today” then he rambled on about his friends, it was pretty cute

Another day I picked Brooks up and he told me “There’s this guy, and he’s not a stranger. But he wants me to go over to his house” I was like WHAT? But I learned it was just a kid in his class, I told him that when they are little you call them boys not guys ha

We had to pick my Mom up from work and Brooks asked me “is this grandma Trice’s work?” yeah “Does she have two works?” No, what’s her other job? “To take care of me”
I woke up Brooks to get ready to leave and as usual I said Good morning Sunshine! He replied “Not good morning cuz I’m still tired!”

He had gotten into my nursing pads and stuck them to his chest and taped a popsicle stick to them to make like a bra and came in to show us. Brandon took a picture of him with his phone and Brooks told him “Put that on your saver screen!”

While we were driving he told me “I want to see a wishing star and then all my wishes will come true. Our house will be made of candy and I’ll be with Taylor [Swift]”

I can’t remember what we were talking about but I ended up being wrong and he was right and I said ok no you’re right and he said “Told ya! Smartest kid on the planet”

“You know why they call them slippers? Cuz when you step they make you slip” He was running around with his dino slippers on and fell

He was sitting on the couch with this blank stare and I was trying to talk to him but he was ignoring me and I asked him what’s wrong with my best friend? “I just love the TV so much” (Takes after his Dad)

Brandon has him convinced that he has a magic wand and can do anything so we were watching a shoe and Brooks asked me “Do you know where Daddy’s magic wand is? I just want to go in the tv and talk to Ruby”

“I love you more than 100ft giraffe”

Brandon found a knife in Brooks’ room. He sat him down and asked him how it got there. He said he didn’t know, Brandon said well knifes don’t have legs they can’t just get up and walk into rooms Brooks said “Nope they don’t have legs, but I wish they did have legs then I wouldn’t have to tell the truth”

He was helping me with something and I said thanks bud that’s really helpful! “I know; I do everything!”

He was getting ready for bed and I walked in the bathroom. He was sitting on the toilet brushing his teeth and says “Don’t cha know I can brush my teeth and poop at the same time!” That’s pretty talented I giggled “I know” He says

“I want a gun” What why? “I like guns and I really like shooting. So that’s why I want a gun”

He woke up in the middle of the night complaining that his mouth was on fire. I thought he was just dreaming so I got him a drink and tried to put him back to bed. But he was still in pain. It ended up being an ear ache and his eardrum ruptured. As we were driving home from the insta care he told me “My ear hurts better than a dinosaurs roar!”

We were jumping on the tramp and having a good ol’ time and I was acting like a monster and he told me he wasn’t scared. “The only think I’m scared of is dying young” ..where he got that I have no idea

My aunt had to evacuate when they had a fire near their home and her daughter that’s a bit younger than Brooks was throwing up from the smoke inhalation. He must have overheard me telling my Mom about it. Anyhow, the next day I was taking him to school and Miss Denise lives right by where the fire was and he told me “I stopped Rowan from throwing up.” I said oh yeah, how’d you do that? “I just asked heavenly father”
“And I wished the fire would stop, I think everybody was” (wishing for it to stop too)

I was in line at the pharmacy waiting for Paisley’s medicine and they were taking FOREVER! Brooks kept bugging me and asking if he could get a treat or get a toy… I kept telling him no not today “But Mom, I promise I won’t break stuff you like!” I said well that’s great hunny thank you but you’re still not getting anything “If I was big I would give stuff to my kids always!”

He had some kind of smoothie that his aunt had made and he didn’t really want it, he kept asking his Grandma if she wanted it but she wouldn’t answer him so he said “I’ll take that as a No”

I bought him these really cool rocker jeans they’re like a faded brown and he looked really handsome in them and kept getting lots of comments. The next time he wore them he told me “Everyone thinks I’m gorgeous in these jeans!”

“Mom can I leave on these Sketchers forever?” He loves his shoes 

There was a dog in the car next to us and it kept staring at me. I said Brooks do you see this Doggy! He keeps lookin at me! He said “Probably cuz it thinks your pretty!__Or it wants to eat you!”

We saw a little bus and Brooks said “That one’s a short bus, it’s like 5 inches”

“That’s silly that we do football with our hands!”

My Little Texas Tornado cam e on the radio and Brooks says “You know why they call them tornadoes? Cuz they tear stuff up and they’re shaped like O’s”
I thought this was quite perceptive of him!

He came into my room in the morning covering his eyes. He lay on the bed and told me “I thin k I might need some light looking medicine. Because when I wake up in the dark and look in the light I keep closing my eyes”

He was talking about having his own kids but it wouldn’t be for a long time. His grandpa asked him how long he said “In like 40 birthdays I’ll be a Dad”

My brother was coming over so I was cleaning off the table to eat, there was a Victoria’s secret catalog and I threw it in the recycle. Brooks said to me in an angry voice “Uh Mom that’s a hot girl magazine and Dad likes hot girls!” I told him that he had me to look at and he didn’t need the hot girl magazine!
Then after my brother go there I was getting him a drink, Brooks asked me if I was pouring it for him I told him no that it was for Uncle Kevin. Brooks said “Oh, Daddy thinks Uncle Kevin’s a doodoo head” I heard Kevin laugh from the other room

On another day when I picked Brooks up from school he was yelling “Bye Gracie”
As she was climbing into her Mom’s van, he turned to me and said “Madden and Gracie love me! They fight over it all the time” 

Brooks was telling his Dad how much he liked Miss Denise and asked Brandon if he knew who she was. Brandon said yeah I like her too, Brooks said “Why don’t you marry her then?”

He was at his aunts and she heard him singing I am a child of God but his version “I made a child with God” Ha and then he told his cousin “God is a bad word, I think because he’s dead” (Maybe we should go to church sometime hehee)

My aunt turned on a Barbie movie for her daughter and Brooks shouted “Barbie makes the world shine!” I have no idea where he go this from ha I’m thinking maybe Toy Story

We were watching “Super-size me” and they were talking about all the bad effects fast food has on your health and kept talking about how McDonalds is fast food. Brooks looked at me with this really sad face and said “Aw.. now I can’t eat at my favorite place anymore  I want to eat slow and they make you eat fast.”

I told him it was time to get ready for bed “But I’m not even remotely tired!” I giggled and said well it’s still time for bed. He got mad and yelled “Now you’re just torturing me!”

He’s into this new thing where he says “Good times, good times”

In cloudy with a chance of meatballs, in case you haven’t seen it  the boy invents spray on shoes that stick to his feet and the class bully says how ya gonna get them off? And starts bullying him about how he tries to be smart but he’s just stupid. Brooks says “That boy should spray that kids face with spray on shoes, then he would stop talking!”
He woke up in the morning and laid on the bed with his sister and sang her a good morning song, it was the sweetest thing “good morning little girl, you’re my favorite little girl, yes my favorite sweet girl, my only girl”

“You’re my darling Paisley”

I was headed out the door and he asked me where I was going. I told him I was going tanning; he asked me what that was. (He is in this super inquisitive stage right now and it definitely tests my ability to define words and explain things!!) As I was explaining that I lay in a bed that makes fake sunshine I realized how silly that sounds! He then asked where I go to do that. There’s a place called a tanning salon and they just have rooms with beds that make sunshine. Then he wanted to know why I do this…it makes my skin darker. OH?.....why do you want that? Mommy thinks it makes her look prettier. Then after I got home “Did you already lay in your sunshine bed? Oh yeah your skin looks darker 

I've got a little photographer on my hands, Brooks got a hold of my coolpix and here are some of the pictures I found on my memory card, He's quite the artist :)


Joe and Victoria said...

Brooks is SUCH a character. I am so glad you keep track of his 'brookisms' they will be so funny to look back on!

ShaiLynn said...

I had to laugh when I saw all those pictures of himself ;)