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Saturday, June 12, 2010

1 month

My little sweet pea is already a month old!
I got her announcement made up, it turned out pretty cute!

she is pretty solid now too :) she's gaining weight like crazy, she weighs 8lbs 14oz. Her poor little face is so broke out with baby acne it looks like it hurts, it's all red and crusty it makes me sad! She's also losing the hair right on top of her little head, she has a little bald spot :) But she's still just as beautiful as ever! I still can't tell what color her eyes are going to be sometimes they look really blue then green then brown so who knows. They'll prob end up being brown though, with how dark she is. She looks like she has a little suntan all the time. Brooks is still just as smitten as ever he loves her so much. I am loving my time off with them, it's tough at times juggling two munchkins now and it definitely takes more effort to get out of the house, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Paisley is a total night owl! She will sleep in until 9 or so but she is wide eyed and awake until around mid-night. She is such a good little baby, I love her so much and feel so amazingly blessed when I look at my babies faces! They are the reason I live :)

Pretty little lady

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Joe and Victoria said...

I love her! I like the picture of her cuddled in the pink blanket! So cute :)