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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Preschool Graduate

As you all probably know, I have a genius for a son! He amazes me sometimes at how much he knows and I would love to take credit for it but we all know I'm not that smart lol :) His teacher Miss Denise, his grandma Donna and somewhat the TV I think all have aided to his genius. He can count as high as 30 without needing any help and can also count to ten in Spanish, he knows his colors and a bunch of other words in Spanish as well. He also knows all of his body parts in Italian and about 50 other words that I couldn't tell you. He is a math wiz (....so did not get this from me) he can solve math problems adding and subtracting. He can read by sounding things out and spell, he always wants to type words on the computer when we go to grandma Trice's :) He has always had an amazing memory and just seems to understand how everything works, he loves to build things and do puzzles. He even knows his left and right and knows about half of the united states on a map. He's also a bit of a perfectionist and might have a little OCD, everything always has to be in a neat straight line or organized by size or color. He is a great little artist and always colors in the lines :) I just couldn't be any more proud! The other day he graduated from his preschool class and it was so cute. They had a little program and sang about everything they had learned. At the end of the program they got their certificate and Brooks' said: His favorite color - Green and blue and the rainbow colors and purple. His favorite food - Pizza and Macaroni and cheese. When he wants to grow up he wants to be a Teacher. I thought that was so cute! We asked him what he wanted to teach and he said "I wanna teach kids how to sing and how to splash in the water" Haha what a cute kid! I thought I would take a minute to brag about my babe, he is my pride and joy and I just love him so much I hope he continues to enjoy learning and goes far with his talents! Congratulations on graduating Preschool Brooks I love you more than anything!


Tyler & Ashley said...

Way to go Brooks:) We love you!

DeAnn said...

Congratulations Brooksie! Love you!