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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Special Delivery

On Monday May 10th I woke up really early, I had been really anxious ever since I hit 37 weeks and every day seemed like the longest day of my life! I couldn't sleep and was so uncomfortable and I had a few false alarms already of nights that I had consistent contractions for hours but they didn't ever get worse and I didn't want to go in just to be sent home. But this morning I felt a little different, I went to work like normal but all morning I was having contractions. They weren't painful but I had nightmares about my water breaking at work and actually having to deliver her at work!! I couldn't work there anymore if that happened ha I don't think I could face those people again after seeing that lol. So I left work. My contractions continued for a while but still didn't hurt at all, it had been a few hours so I asked my boss if she wanted me to come back to work, she said it was OK for me to take the rest of the day off so I changed into some more comfy clothes when Paisley stuck her foot out, it was hurting so I pushed on it a little hoping she'd move it. Well I felt a little trickle...not sure if my water broke and was leaking out or if I had just pushed pee out ha. But they always say if you have any question about your water breaking you should go in. My momma Amy was in town and had come over hoping Paisley would come before she had to go home, so she drove me to the hospital and my Mom met us there. I got checked in and they took me straight to a delivery room, which was different...normally you go to a triage room unless you're in true labor. The nurse checked me and I was at a 4 but my water hadn't broke. But they wanted to monitor me for an hour. So I hung out with my Mom and Amy but only had a few contractions, nothing painful so I was sure they'd send me home. After the hour she came in and checked me again and I was at a 5, and my Dr. was actually the on call Dr that night so she had him come in and talk to me. He decided to go ahead and break my water and get the show on the road. I called Brandon who really didn't think anything of it when I told him I was going in to get checked and told him that we were havin a baby in the next few hours. It was about 6pm when they broke my water and it was a lot different then with Brooks. I was on a putossin drip with Brooks and this time I could get up and walk around because I didn't have to be hooked to the monitor the whole time. And I loved my nurse...with Brooks I hated every nurse I had . My nurse had also done her delivery natural so she understood and helped me through it. It went by fairly quickly and after a few pushes, at 10:07 she was here :) I was a little worried when they laid her on my chest she looked really blue and she wasn't crying. But turns out she was just bruised from coming down so fast. Brooks was so cute when he came in to meet her, all he wanted to do was rub her cheek with his finger. he said he was tickling her it was sweet. The pediatrician said that because of her bruising she would probably need to be on the billi bed for jaundice and it was sad because we couldn't hold her for two days! But she got all better and is just so precious!! Brooks has been an amazing help and is such a good brother he loves her so much and always sings to her and loves on her. He gets so excited when her eyes are actually open :) Here are a few pictures from the hospital
They have a photographer at the hospital come in and takw pictures, I thought geeze why didn't I think of that..they're prob making bank! But she took some cute pictures, here are a few


Kristen said...

so cute Shai! I'm so happy for you guys! you make the most stuning babies. I love her eyes!

Another Diva Day said...

I just barely read this. It made me cry...go figure. I am so bless to have been there. I love you all. I love you so much Shai you really have no idea. It is hard being far away but every minute that I get with you guys is precious to me. Paisley is going to know her Grandma Amy.