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Monday, June 21, 2010

A mohawk & a smile

Paisley has begun to grow out of her outfits :( I tried to put her in one and couldn't do up the last button cuz her neck was too fat, she's getting chunky. It's pretty cute. But she is also growing into all of her other cute clothes and shoes! I got her the cutest little sandals and they almost fit her. I went to this store called Sunday's Child with my aunt to get our babies their blessing outfits. She had her little boy about 2 weeks after I had Paisley :) It was such a cute store! I got the most beautiful dress for her... it's kind of simple not real lacy or anything but I love it! And my aunt bought her a tiny little bracelet, it's so cute. They also had some peel off nail polish that had a little bitty size brush for her tiny nails. It's nice that it just peels off, then you don't have to use nail polish remover!!

She also has started smiling :) it's so precious and it's funny how you find yourself doing crazy things to get her to smile for you ha things that you would never do otherwise and prob be embarrassed if anyone else saw you. She had the biggest smiles for her Daddy, takes after her Momma and is a Daddy's girl already. She is sleeping well at night as long as she's next to me in bed. She only wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat. But you can rock her til she's fast cute asleep and the second you lay her down in the bassinet she starts to stir and within a few minutes she wakes up crying, so we're working on that :) kinda... mostly I'm too tired and just let her sleep with me. It's funny though because she's fine all day sleeping wherever.

We cut brooks hair and he looks pretty cute. We gave him a Mohawk and he rocks it! It's funny though he threw a tantrum at the store and it made him seem like an even bigger brat. He really is such a sweet little boy though, he is always looking out for every ones feelings. He was playing at the park with his grandma and she noticed that he was watching over this little girl. They were sitting on a spinning toy and she didn't want to go too fast and he made sure none of the other kids got it going fast, and there was another boy that was a lot older than him but was a little slow and afraid of the other kids and Brooks got him to play with him. He always has to pick me a dandelion whenever he sees one :) and he's always been so helpful especially now that his little sister is here! I am so grateful for both of them, I am so blessed!

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