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Between running a family of five, a photography business, and a part time job; there is not much time left to sit down and write about all the happenings of our adventures. So I will let the pictures do the talking ...Enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Funny story, We were going for a walk last night and Brooks was lagging behind and kept bending down and saying beep beep beep. I kept telling him to hurry up and he said but Mom I have to push the buttons or I can't go. He does stuff like this all the time, I think he has a little OCD because he can't step on the cracks (they have poison in them) and he has to line all his toys in a line and so forth.But then again it could just be that he's a kid and has a great imagination and likes things to be neat :) but I didn't really think anything of the "buttons" until I saw what they were. It was bird poo! Ha I was laughing so hard and said "Dude do you know what that is? It's bird poo" He just looked at me like he was going to cry and smelled his finger lol SO freakin funny! Needless to say he stooped pushing the buttons with his finger...but started with his foot.

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Joe and Victoria said...

LOL!... he is so funny :) (beep, beep, beep!)